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We are PRO2 Foundation

PRO2 is a small NGO. Our 3 board members have a long experience in Nepal as well as working for foundations. There are no reward, remunerations or salary for the volunteers and board members. All new volunteers and board members will have the same remuneration policy. All profits go to the (ex)migrant workers and their relatives

If you want to join, help or support us in our work and mission please contact us.


Gerard Arink


Ankie van Wersch-Lenders


Willem Grimminck


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We are proud to present our first annual report, covering our activities in 2022.

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Why PRO2 Foundation?

Gerard Arink

"PRO2 aims for a better future for the Nepal migrants and a more sustainable world" - Chairman of PRO2

Janneke Hillenaar

"PRO2 gives a voice to people who have not been heard for too long" - Volunteer at PRO2