Our mission

A positive perspective for migrant workers in Nepal

Over 2.2 million Nepali workers migrate every year due to lack of economic perspective in Nepal. Most of them end up in what we call ‘modern slavery’, jobs with no freedom, long work hours and difficult circumstances. When they return in Nepal 44% of them plan to migrate again due to a lack of jobs in Nepal. Over 80% of the migrants have loans, creating a cycle of debt.

It is the mission of the PRO2 Foundation is to give Nepali migrant workers a positive perspective by creating jobs in Nepal. Jobs in Nepal is the best way to help the Nepali economy but it also brings a better future than working abroad. Spending time with your family and let Nepal profit from the skills that many of the migrant workers possess.

Over the past 6 months, we have been piloting HOME: Hope and Opportunities for Migrants and Entrepreneurs. With this pilot we helped to create 2 startups and supported 3 companies. Now we are ready to take it to the next level. The PRO2 Foundation decided to partner with the Nepali organization One to Watch to develop a new program. The programs mission is to support more returning migrants and prevent new migration by creating jobs in Nepal. A program in which we are going to help more companies and support more startups in a structured and fully supported way.

Results from our pilot

Impact of PRO2 Foundation: Creating Jobs in Nepal

Through our recent initiatives, we successfully launched 2 startups and supported 3 companies, leading to the creation of numerous job opportunities in Nepal. This effort not only retains local talent but also strengthens the economic structure of the country.

Jobs created
Start-ups founded
Existing businesses expanded

Journeys of Hope and Resilience Across Borders

Stories of migrants

In the past 3 years we met and spoke a lot of Nepali migrants who worked abroad. Their stories were impressive and made a deep impact. The stories were all individual bad memories but all had the same message. We do not want to work abroad but we are forced by the circumstances. There is no perspective yet in Nepal and we have to feed our families. If we have an alternative, a perspective in Nepal we prefer to stay there. Luckily we were already able to help some of them with jobs, a start-up and some perspective. Here are the stories of 3 of them.

Beli Maya

Beli Maya Thing

Read the moving story of Beli Maya, who transformed her struggles in Qatar into a successful venture as the owner of the first electric TukTuk in Hetauda, Nepal.

Discover how, against all odds, Beli overcame exploitation and debt to provide for her family and find happiness.

Anil Adhikari

Anil Adhikari

Explore the journey of Anil, a determined young man in Nepal, who overcame the tragedy of his father’s death and life on the streets to start his own chicken farm.

Learn about Anil’s inspiring story of resilience and his commitment to fulfill his dreams without leaving his homeland.

Amit Magar

Discover the harrowing story of Amit, a young worker from Nepal, who faced severe health challenges due to the grueling conditions at Qatar’s Al Thumama Stadium during the World Cup. Learn how Amit’s life was transformed with help from a determined foundation and his courageous journey.